Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)

My friend Alena, whose work you've seen on here a few times before, took these photos of me quite a while back. At the time, we felt like the endless winter we were stuck in (literally stuck, as in my car got stuck in the middle of the street for hours on the way her house that night) was ruining our lives, so we decided doing something creative would be the best way to get ourselves through it. And maybe conjure up some nicer weather while we were at it.  We wanted to create a dreamy/springy/super pastel femme look, and Alena just killed it. Between her editing skills and my eyeliner skills, we are clearly unstoppable. Did you do anything creative to ward off icky cabin fever feels this winter? Let's hear it!


  1. You are just stunning. To answer your question, I did start on a series of illustrations during the winter which I will post on my blog next week. They're actually inspired by spring--so obviously I was feeling some longing too!

  2. What lovely photos! Over here we are just heading into winter, so any idea's to help me not go stir crazy would be greatly appreciated :)

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  4. adore this!!!

  5. Erin,
    these photos look so mesmerizing and charming, I love it!


  6. Erin, we love these dreamy pictures of you. Such great style! Thumbs up!