Review: Bandelettes

I discovered Bandelettes last week (I am indeed a bit tardy to the party on this one), and posted about them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The response from you was huge! You all seem to be quite intrigued by them as well. Bandelettes caught wind of these conversations (they have wonderful customer service!) and were kind enough to send me a couple pairs to try out.

I waited for an unseasonably warm winter day to test them out, and I got just that over the weekend. I put them on at about 3:30 pm, just as I was running out the door to meet a new photographer for coffee.

From my bedroom to my car door, they had already begun to roll down. They do have non-slip silicone on the insides, intended to prevent such a thing, but it wasn't working for me. When I got out of my car and headed toward the coffee shop, I had to awkwardly hike them up while walking. By the time I got home, I really just wanted to just take them off. But I had already mentally committed myself to testing them out for you guys, so I left them on while I went on a dinner and movie date with my dude, then out for drinks with friends. When I went to the bathroom, I had to remove them or else they would have touched the toilet seat. When I walked, they rolled down my outer thighs, but mostly stayed put on my inner thighs. (Thunder thighs for the win!) So yes, they did technically prevent chub rub, but the constant adjusting I had to do was awkward, embarrassing, and ultimately not worth it. Oh, and when I took them off at the end of the night (full disclosure: about nine hours after putting them on), one of them had split almost entirely up the seam.

In order to choose the correct size of Bandelettes, you are to measure the circumference of your thighs while standing up. When I did this, I got a measurement of somewhere between 26 and 27 inches. On their website, it says to size down if you are between sizes, so I went with a size C. It is entirely possible that I didn't size down enough, and perhaps an even smaller size would have been a better fit for me.

The upside is that, like I said above, they have excellent customer service! My understanding is that they take customer feedback very seriously, and will replace or refund your purchase if you are unsatisfied. Their customer service is honestly so good (I really appreciate and value good service, obvi) that rather than give up on them, I'm going to give them the benefit of a doubt and give the size B Bandelettes a try. I'm also wondering if instead of lace, they might be better suited to a more substantial material. Maybe spandex or whatever the hell Spanx are made of? Just something a bit sturdier to keep up with the more thick 'n juicy babes like myself, whose voluptuous thighs cannot be tamed by lace alone.

I say if you're still interested after hearing my story, give them a try. If you're not 100% satisfied, they will absolutely refund your money, so what have you got to lose? Just make sure you size wayyy the heck down.


  1. Ah its such a bummer that these didn't work out for you. I was really hoping they'd be the lacy answer to all of my chub rub problems.


  2. Looking forward to an update if you use the size b of a different material. Like I said on facebook I was afraid of them rolling down on women like us these type of products always sadly do. The only way I've found to hold them up is by garters.

    Chrissy of

  3. I can't wait to find out how the size b ones will work out for you! If they're good I might go a buy myself a pair!

  4. I have the biggest size, I think, (I'm UK size 18-20) and they work really well for me, don't roll down and I just forget they're there.

  5. Consider me tardy as well, this is the first I've heard of these. Want to hear how the B's go! Good luck!