New Limited Edition L'Oreal The Magic Topcoats in True Diamond and Sparklicious

L to R: The True Diamond, The Sparklicious
L'Oreal has released tons of new nail products for fall (well... they're actually not supposed to be out until October, I just got lucky). I spotted the new "Mix and Matte" display alongside this Colour Riche Nail Art one which included: six new creme nail colors, six new "magic" topcoats, and three new Nail Lingerie designs. I thought the new nail colors were pretty basic, but I couldn't help but be taken in by the new topcoats.

The six new topcoats are each intended to give a different effect to your favorite creme nail colors. There is a matte velvet, a fine gold glitter, a silver shimmer, a glitter with holographic and black glitters, a flakie, and a duochrome topcoat. I went with the silver shimmer and holo/black options.
The True Diamond on bare nails.
The True Diamond over a black creme Rimmel polish, with one nail left untouched for comparison.

The True Diamond is a really delicate silver shimmer. It seems to be just shimmer- I didn't notice any holographic bits in it. It has a pretty decent dry time, and I thought it added a really nice touch to my otherwise plain black nails. It's very concentrated, so you really only need one thin coat. I'm pretty into the subtly transformative power of this topcoat, so I would definitely recommend it.
The Sparklicious over bare nails.
The Sparklicious over white creme Illamasqua nail polish.
The Sparklicious is a topcoat featuring medium size holographic hexes, holographic bars, and large black hexes. I thought I would be more of a fan of this one, but I think my prejudice against bar glitter is making me not like it very much. It is vaguely similar to Maybelline's newish glitter topcoat from their Polka Dots line, Clearly Spotted (which I think I actually like much more). I didn't care for the formula. It was thin and messy and kind of melted the white right off of a couple of my nails, as you can see here. I found the glitter a bit difficult to place for my liking. I may just go back and exchange this for a bottle of Clearly Spotted, that's how much I didn't care for this one.

Have you tried any of the new L'Oreal Colour Riche products for fall yet? I've been using the black and white Kajal eyeliners on my waterlines lately, and I'm loving them so far!


  1. I think you make me want to buy them!!! Ill try them out for sure! X

  2. Your nails look so fab! Love it. Glad I found your blog. Loving it so far :)