Wet 'n Wild Pop Art Craze Nail + Eyeshadow Collections [Swatches +Review]

Wet 'n Wild's new Pop Art collection is inspired by the work of Andy Warhol. Many of the color names are references to Warhol's life and career. The full collection consists of six limited edition Coloricon eyeshadow trio palettes and six shades of Wild Shine nail polish. I've been waiting for what feels like forever for this collection to drop! After much searching (and consulting of this interactive map on Nouveau Cheap), I finally found both the full nail and eyeshadow collections for sale at my local Walgreens. All Wet 'n Wild items with a regular price of 99¢ are on sale for 69¢ a pop there this month, so I paid just over $4 for all six. Sadly, the eyeshadow palettes were not any sort of deal and therefore I paid about $20 for the lot, but spoiler alert: they're well worth paying full price for.

Let's start with the nail polishes! (Excuse my terrible cuticles!) Each is shown with two coats.

L to R: A Blank Canvas, Stand the Test of Lime, Teal Slowly and See, The Clock Strikes Orange, Listening to Blue Reed, and Who is Ultra Violet?
A Blank Canvas is a creme white. Nothing special here. Dry time is longer than average, but becomes opaque after only two coats.
Stand the Test of Lime is a bright green crelly. Shown here with two coats, you can see that I still have a VNL (visible nail line). I'm not fond of this color, it has poor coverage and reminds me a bit of mucus.
Teal Slowly and See is not a teal at all. It's a nice sky blue creme that becomes opaque after two coats.
The Clock Strikes Orange is a tangerine orange crelly. I didn't care for it much on myself, it would best suit a warm undertoned person.
Listening to Blue Reed has by far my favorite name of all the polishes. It's a lovely medium blue creme with great coverage and lots of shine.
Who is Ultra Violet? has probably my second favorite name of all the polishes. A mega shiny grape purple with excellent coverage.

Overall, I would say skip the white, lime, and orange; grab the blues and purple while they're on sale.

Now for the eyeshadow palettes!
L to R: Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up!, A Regular at The Factory, Hard Being the It Girl, Three's a Party, I'm SeeingTriples!, To Muse and Carouse

I wouldn't recommend using some of these color combos together as directed, but these palettes are a great way to cheaply bring some bold matte colors into your usual repertoire. The red and black in the Three's A Party palette are very high quality and well worth the 3 bucks just to have in your makeup kit. I didn't notice much fallout from these, though I would recommend using them over a primer to improve longevity.


  1. Thank you so much for this! I got the A Regular At the Factory palette, but still haven't been able to find the polish colors that I want because the displays that I've seen have been pretty picked over. I'm actually really into that green polish and think that it doesn't look too bad on you! Sort of slimey which I like. Based on your swatches, I think that I might also have to snag Teal Slowly and See. Anyway, thanks again and please post pictures if you do a look with the eye shadows!

  2. those blues and purples! I foresee a trip to walgreens in the near future (Like I need any more nail polish...) these are just too pretty.

  3. Gonna have to pick up a few of these, especially that blue!! Thanks so much for this review, Erin!