Happy Holidays. (Begrudgingly.)

The incredibly annoying music. The obligation to buy stuff for people that you barely know. And worst of all, SNOW. Winter is not my jam, and I'm not religious, so I can't say there is really anything about this time that puts me in a celebrating mood. I will admit that it's cool to have a day or two off to hangout with my family, but that's about it. Serious Grinch over here.

Recently, my grandma "politely" suggested that I take down my Halloween decor, and switch it to something more festive. So, I dug out the vintage late 50's aluminum tree she got me when I was a little kid. Thanks to grams and her immense love of antique shopping, I have always been obsessed with all things Mid-Century Modern. These trees cost hundreds of dollars nowadays, so I'm glad I was way ahead of the aluminum tree trend. I tried to get a photo of the tree lit up by the color wheel, and it came out really spooky because I am still terrible at my camera. Here's some photos of Alejandro and I and our Schnauzer, Bill Murray. Sometimes I have to remind myself that Alejandro is a real adult human.


  1. I share your same feelings about Christmas,but I really need a break from my daily routine!!
    I have two daughters and they love these festivities, so I'm a reformed Grinch now and I started to love all the tacky decorations and all the Christmas trees! Yours is a real treasure and I like the huge star on top!I adore that your cute little dog's name is Bill Murray, he looks as funny as him!Your starry dress is lovely and you look great in your new haircut!

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  3. Your tree is so cool! Also loving your outfit.


  4. Good for you getting into the Holiday spirit! I love your shoes! OMG!! I need.

  5. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

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