I'm alive!

Since some of my readers have expressed concern, I thought I should let everyone know that I am, in fact, alive. Sort of! As you all know I've moved, and we will not have Internet until Saturday. The Internet is also out at my work, and it's awfully hard to blog from an iPhone. THANKS A LOT, SANDY. How am I supposed to live without my beloved Internet?

I did find a little time this past Sunday for my most favorite of jobs- vintage model for Re/Dress Online! The photo is via our favorite stylist Daniel Martinez of us chubby cherubs waiting to devour some delicious pho between outfits.

My house is a scary cardboard box ridden wasteland right now, who knew Alejandro and I had so much dumb junk? I hope to come back from this unplanned break better than ever and ready to blog my butt off.

Xoxo, gossip gurl


  1. I'm glad you are back!I could only imagine how busy you were with the new house, I hope everything is going fine now! I like the 'scary cardboard box ridden wasteland' definition, it sounds familiar, sometimes my house looks like that even if I didn't move!

  2. good to know you're doing fine! :D looking great!! always take care! :D

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  3. unpacking is worse than packing! Good Luck and glad you are safe x

  4. moving bloooows, but hopefully your new place can become a Home. happy housewarming.

  5. Wow..I really adore your style & your blog *_*

    xx Danie

  6. Take your time, and don´t work too hard.

  7. Cute photo, nice blog. Come visit my blog :)

    xo Emma