black friday purchases

THANK YOU for sticking with me while I was on my unplanned hiatus! I hadn't moved in three years, and I forgot just how hard it is, physically and mentally. It is a big HUGE adjustment for me in a lot of ways, and just didn't feel up to the task of wearing clothing and sharing said clothing with you guys for awhile. But I think now I am finally feeling good enough to share things with you again! So here's what I bought today.

M.A.C. Grey Friday Lipstick - $15

Basically, when I saw this on M.A.C.'s Facebook page last night, I pretty much lost my mind. I know grey lipstick has been done before but like, NOT CHARCOAL GREY OK. NOT LIKE THIS. I'm just going to cry every day til it gets here I guess?

ASOS Emerald Green Flatforms - $25
I have wanted these shoes for what seems like forever! But, I had a hard time justifying the $80 price tag. Finally they went on sale, and with today's coupon code (BLACKFRIDAYBONUS), I got them down to $25. That's a price I can like, not lose sleep over. Also, I just feel like it's really imperative that I own emerald green shoes. I don't know why. I'm just drawn to emerald green lately. I'm thinking about coloring my hair emerald green in the near future because weird hair is A Thing I Do when I'm in a transitional period.

Burger Records buttons/Cheap Time cassette - $7.33

Burger is my favorite record label, and therefore I feel obligated to participate every time they have a sale! I have amassed quite the cassette/button collection this way. If you hurry, there's still time left to get some rad stuff from their Black Friday sale!

Seinfeld Seasons 5-9 - $40

The only Black Friday thing I ever do in real life is go to Target in the evening and shop the leftovers. I was able to complete my Seinfeld collection for hella cheap! So now I'm sick on the couch being nursed back to health by my dogs and Jerry. I hope you guys have an awesome weekend! I will be back with a real outfit post on Monday! xo


  1. Awesome shoes! We never go shopping on Black Friday, but last year we did the Target left over thing for once as well, and got all of the Seinfeld seasons for 7$ each!! Such a steal!!


  2. Love it all, but the green platform, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Have a fantastic weekend, my friend!!!

  3. I missed the lipstick and yesterday was already sold out. Im curious how it looks irl, if opaque or sheer.

  4. this is such an amazing post, there is so much inspiration, love the pics!
    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know! 

  5. I was just watching seinfeld today! :)

    I looked at some reviews of the mac lipstick and i don't think it's as opaque as it's pictured on the ad at all.. mac could do better.

    sanctified youth

  6. Guh, I love those shoes too!!
    -Andi x