Fashion Goes Pink

Cleveland it girl Minnie Cakez and her mom, Angie, who designed these necklaces! Find em here.
Designer Kole Steele
I was asked to cover this year's Fashion Goes Pink show on Zero Style, and seeing as how I have never shot a fashion show before, I thought it would be a really good opportunity. I'm always trying to practice taking different kinds of photos in different kinds of settings, so hopefully I did the event some justice. Also, I'll be real here, it was a treat because I have never been amongst so many stylish babes at once in Cleveland. Like, where have all these people been hiding? As you can see, there were no end to the Certified Good Looks™ going on. You've already seen what I wore, now onto the show!

M I C H E L L E   P O I N T E R

R O A D S   A H E A D,   E T.   A L.

K O L E    S T E E L E


A N T O N   Z B A R Z H

D I V I N E   I D E A S

D.   H A Y E S 


  1. looks like a very inspirational collection and show. good job documenting it, Erin!!

  2. Wow those are all so lovely, I adore looking through fashion posts with good pictures. I need a camera all to myself. One day! <3 Cassie

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