For The Love Of God, Please Buy This

I do a large portion of my clothes shopping on Etsy. It's cheap, it's essentially one-of-a-kind, it's the next best thing to just making your own clothes (which I also do). But sometimes, my dream wardrobe additions just weren't meant to be. It seriously drives me insane when something is only like 1-2" away from fitting me! These pieces are so great, I just think SOMEONE, ANYONE needs to own them, so I think I'm going to make this a semi-regular feature here on Zero Style, where I do a round up of things I've found on Etsy that are just sadly not my size. I will sleep better knowing that one of you bodacious babes has one of these bazonga pieces hanging in your closet. Here we go!

60s Black and White Daisy Square Dance Dress - $58

80s Lurex Sheath Dress - $30.40
60s Mint Green Mod Dress - $49
Smiley Face Vest - $26
60s Psychedelic Scooter Dress - $39
60s Purple Double Strap Mary Janes - $72
90s Trash & Vaudeville Daisy Platforms - $40
Please let me know if you purchase any of these things because I wanna SEE (so I can live vicariously through you). xo


  1. the daisy platforms are amazing, what are the heels like? Also where is the mint green mod dress from?

    ps. I like your blog!

    SS xx

    1. thank you thank you!!! the dress is from an etsy seller! the way my blog is designed is a little funky, but the descriptions under each photo are actually a link to where you can buy them!! if you buy one of them, let me know! xoxo

    2. aw man im such a blog rookie. ok will take another look!! thank you xx

  2. I NEED those daisy platforms in my life! Hopefully nobody snags'em before I get my next paycheck. *0* Thanks so much for this Erin! <3

    1. the lady selling them is SO NICE too! she offered to find similar shoes in my size. let me know if you end up getting them!! xoxo